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How We Make Soda Without High Fructose Corn Syrup

by My Store Admin 16 Apr 2024

How we make soda without high fructose corn syrup

At Green Beverages, we're committed to revolutionizing your soda experience with every sip. As a company dedicated to crafting great-tasting and healthier soft drinks, we proudly offer a line of sodas free from high fructose corn syrup, catering to health-conscious consumers who refuse to compromise on flavor.

Green Cola Original

Our flagship product, GREEN Cola Original, is the epitome of our mission to provide better-for-you beverages. Unlike traditional colas, GREEN Cola is a guilt-free indulgence, with zero calories and a natural sweetness derived from Stevia leaf extract. Stevia, a natural sweetener known for its intense sweetness without the calories of sugar, is the perfect choice for our calorie-conscious customers.

In addition to Stevia, we harness the power of natural caffeine from green coffee beans, offering a clean energy boost without aspartame nor other chemical additives in typical colas. This unique combination ensures that every can of GREEN Cola tastes excellent and aligns with your wellness goals.

Extending beyond our original flavor, Green Beverages offers an exciting variety of sodas.

Link to Green Cola Original

Green Sour Cherry

A true fan favorite, our Green Sour Cherry is packed with real flavor, and again, with no added sugar. Each can contains the up to nine cherries of real juice.

Link to Green Sour Cherry

Green Lemon Lime

Our Green Lemon lime soda without high fructose corn syrup, is calorie-free lemon lime soda. The great taste of this options is a great replacement for some of your favorite big brand soft drinks like Sprite Zero Sugar and Sierra Mist. The best part is we make sure that each can contains the equivalent of half a lemon and a lime. This will now become your go to beverage for the zesty lemon lime flavor you crave.

Link to Green Lemon Lime

Green Lemonade

The perfect compliment to our lemon lime flavored soda, Green Lemonade is a great tasting lemonade beverage with the perfect balance of carbonation. With only 10 calories per can, 6% lemon juice, and no high fructose corn syrup it sure to become your new favorite drink.

Link to Green Lemonade

Green Orangeade

A refreshing carbonated drink with a full-bodied orange taste, made with 10% real fruit juice, providing an authentic citrus experience. Each can contains the equivalent of half an orange.

Link to Green Orangeade

Each of these flavors is crafted under the same health-forward philosophy. With less than 20 calories per serving, these drinks are sweetened with real fruit juice concentrates, providing a naturally delicious taste and the sweetness you desire without any added sugars.

At Green Beverages, we believe what you drink should be as important as what you eat. That's why our carbonated soft drinks are free from high fructose corn syrup and feature a lineup of transparent, straightforward ingredients. Whether you're enjoying the robust taste of our GREEN Cola or savoring the tangy zest of our lemon lime soda, you can trust in the quality and healthiness of the beverage you choose.

Experience the difference with Green Beverages, where every sip promises purity, flavor, and a commitment to your health. Cheers to enjoying a soda that's as good for you as it tastes!

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